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Get the guidance you deserve to be free of the number one cause and the culprits; who sabotage all your good intentions and steal your desired outcomes!
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Transformation Life Coach  Successful Transformation

Hey ladies…Who wants to wake up feeling good, strong, healthy, happy and especially excited about the new day full of adventure and dreams fulfilled. If you don’t begin every day feeling like this; then there is some life circumstance bringing you down? Would you like to step into the next phase of your life; where you are the heroine empowered with Peace of Mind, Happy Heart, Strong Vibrant Body, Abundant Finances, Harmonious Relationships and Passionate Purpose?

Think about all the people in your life you love unconditionally and then, think about this; there is this one person in your life you will absolutely spend your whole entire life with, from the moment you are born, until the day you are called home. That person is you!  So, why wouldn't you love you, just as unconditionally as you do each of them?

Imagine  what your life would look like and how you would feel if you were free of fear and the struggles of inharmonious relationships, insufficient finances or confusion about what you really want and how to get it! Let the Healing, Enlightenment, Enrichment, Empowerment and FUN Begin!

I Can Help You with 30+ yrs experience applied through mastered programs packed with empowering skills, tools and techniques; specially crafted for amazing women; like you who wish to know and be free of the number one cause and the culprits that are at the root of keeping you from the life you desire!

Are you asking yourself why things don't work out as you planned, despite all your good intentions and endless efforts? If life is still not wholly reflective of your dreams and you are feeling, stuck, frustrated, tired or confused, despite all you offer and generously share; then it is time to root out the remnants and residue from your conditioned imprint that states and recreates experiences that are evidence you believe you are less than deserving of your desires.

Are you often not acknowledged by others no matter how hard you try or how smart or good hearted you are?

Are you fearful of not being accepted and will suffer further loss if you dare to be yourself?

Do you feel guilty or shameful when you do something for yourself?

Are you frustrated because you are still waiting for your dreams to launch or wondering why they won't stay afloat?

Are you always attending to others need, wants and demands, only to end up tired, unappreciated and lacking time and money for yourself?

Do you lack support and seem to be surrounded by resistance for you being the you who wishes to follow your heart ?

Are you still giving more than you are getting in any phase of your life?

Are you fearful of letting others know how you really think or feel?

Have you lost belief or faith in yourself?

Are you feeling depleted or depressed?

Are you emotionally stressed?

Are you struggling from not enough money or suffering in inharmonious relationships that lack love, care and support ?

Are you wondering why other women seem to have it all and you don't?

Are you finding yourself continually facing obstacles, pitfalls or detours suddenly or unexpectedly showing up in your life that are limiting being able to take care of yourself ?

Are you always trying to figure out what else you need to do to make things different to having a happy life?

It is the perfect time to completely let go of that which is keeping you just short of reaching your full expansion, your optimal potential and desired dreams of being your own authority to choose and pursue what is right for you.

If you are struggling with insufficient funds, inharmonious relationships, health concerns, or employment issues; you are most likely allowing these distractions to steer your attention away from what and who you need most in those moments; the real you.

Find out the cause and the culprits who sabotage the life of your dreams! And learn about the 5 step road map to restore your worth, embrace your value and unlock and unleash your dreams!

Well I have some good news for you…. All Women have worth; no matter your age or present life circumstances. We all deserve compassionate understanding, nurturing and supportive guidance; regardless if you need help to change something in your personal life or a business Venture that you wish to be successful.

We can all get stuck in believing what we consciously think, affirm or even beg or pray for externally; is how we are going to get the things we want and the life we desire.

If just thinking, affirming or praying to get what you want were true…why don’t you have part or all of what you dream about?

Although thinking positively, affirming and praying are all good tools to reach a goal…Unfortunately, there is an undercurrent of another belief that we have unconsciously attached to that has the real control. And this belief' I call the cause; despite being totally false will win out 90% of the time.

This is why your life is not wholly reflective of your dreams; meaning you may have gotten some of the things you want, but not all of them. Or what you managed to get your hands on already also tends to disappear suddenly or over time. You know things like good relationships, money, health or any other items you personally deem desirable.

Then you find yourself obsessed with thinking about why and end up feeling, stuck, frustrated, tired, angry and especially confused about what to do next.

Would you like to know the real reason you don’t get anything or only part of what you want? There is an underlying cause and some real culprits that are sabotaging some or all your good intentions and stealing your dreams

Would you like to uproot the real cause and kick out the culprits as well; that restrict you from reaching your full expansion, your optimal potential and desired dreams of being your own authority to choose and pursue what is right for you

Then the Time is now to stop struggling with trying to figure it all out and get some experienced help, skillful tools and effective techniques; you need to restore faith and trust in yourself as well as gain the courage to continue to pursue all your dreams

Imagine being empowered to trust in yourself to guide you away from what is wrong for you towards what is right for you; without the interference of other judgements or opinions.

Get help to pin point the cause that robs you of your power and Unlock and Unleash your Dreams to do and have what makes YOU happy.

Don't suffer with continually trying to figure it out on your own. You deserve affordable experienced guidance to move you through whatever or whomever is your present struggle as well as launch into the next exciting rewarding phase of your life...get the help you need for an easy, graceful transformation

You too can be Great Because you were born magnificent!

Join me in a free life coaching webinar to learn the truth of why you are getting or keeping what you want. What to do about it and hear about effective, successful tools to uproot that cause and kick out the culprits responsible for stealing your dreams.

Women have worth is for those of you who desire to transform your life with loving, supportive guidance from someone who knows and understands your pain first hand.

Your life can change for the better forever when you tap into your true worth and unlock your valuable vibration. You can unleash your dreams by shifting from being invisable to being seen and heard; as someone who has something valuable to contribute.

You Can...

Reach your goal of honest, respectful, loving relationships, abundant finances and mental and physical health; as well as be successful in any buisness venture you wish to pursue..

Disappear your perceptions of abandonment and betrayal; rooted in the illusion of separation.

Know and trust your intuition; lovingly supported by a prosperous universe; so all matters can and will go right in your life.

Land the job you crave, or find a clear entrepenuerial path to monetizing your precious gifts and talents.

Understand how to use your energies to manifest all of your dreams; creating a Heaven on Earth; unique and befitting of your radiant Magnificence.

In this moment stay calm and reach for the clarity that comes from lovingly attending to you. NOW is the time to receive guidance; where you design and create your own unique Heaven on Earth!

The meaning of life is to be your authentic self and know your gifts.The purpose of life is to give it away.

Self-Mastery empowers you with peace of mind, a strong healthy body and a happy heart! You can have it all right here and right now both in your personal life and business ventures. Your transformed painful past can be extremely beneficial to many others; get direction on how to live your purpose, monetize your unique gifts and talents to transform others around the world.

Find out why you aren't getting the things you dream about including respect and appreciation. Why aren't you being cherished and yes even loved they way you hoped for.

You are in the right place at the right time to get the professional help you need to change it all with effective tools and simple techniques to change your lifel for the better forever!

Let's get started with getting you the life you desire. Schedule your free connsultation to discover which of the guidance programs is right for you.

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The path of change requires unconditionally loving support and compassionate understanding!

Many women are either fearful of expecting to have it all or have reached a point of giving up because their previous efforts have been unsuccessful in acquiring even some of the little things they want. Eventually we come to believe we have to compromise something in our life to obatin something else. As a result; many of us give up part or all of ourselves. We put our needs and wants aside thinking others deserve to be come first. We convince ourselves this is a compassionately loving thing to do.

Unfortunately, it is the worst decision we can make in terms of wanting our dreams realized. When we shelf the self we end up with very little or nothing at all because we are continually enforcing a false belief that reflects back experiences or encounters that state we don't deserve anything better. As a result our wants and needs are ignored not just by us; but many others and our dreams go by the wayside.

Then we find ourselves feeling angry and resentful...depleted and even despondant. All the while we are wondering why?

It is time to take care of you!

Here you will get the attention and support necessary to fully embrace you. You deserve nothing less than to have your opinions respected, your wants and needs attended to and simply appreciated for who you are; as well as have your dreams come true.

I will help you unlock your true worth; giving you a strong, confident voice that can be heard, acknowledged and attended to. Then you will be guided to successfully unleash your dreams, goals and visions.

"The way to control your life is to control your choice of words and thoughts. No one thinks in your mind but you." Louise Hay

I know your pain fist hand having been where you are. I lived a life where I either didn't get what I wanted or lost the things I achieved. But those days of being homeless, jobless and abusive relationships are over. I transformed myself and my life and have created a prospering business, the home of my dreams, a loving, honorable relationship and more!

So, I do indeed understand your struggle to live the beautiful dreams and visions you have for yourself and how confusing and depleting it may be in the multiple failed attempts to get there.

I feel your desires and intentions to have an empowering transformation that will change your life for the better for ever and also have an impacting effect on those you love as well.

I have 30+ years experience as a Transformation Life Coach, published author, radio host, retreat facilitator, workshop leader and emotional release therapist.

But more importantly; I have personally been down the path of falsely believing I was worthless and have emerged victorious!

I can help you change your life; because I know your painful struggle firsthand and can help you be free of it; as I have helped countless women of all ages, just like you, all over the world. I understand the tormenting struggle of not enoughness. Not enough attention, appreciation, love, money, safety or other support you deem necessary to ensure feeling good and having a happy fulfilling life.

You can benefit from my experience; as I understand how to root out the cause of your struggle and where the pitfalls and detours are to help you avoid their negative influences that keep cropping up and keep you recycling through one painful experience after another.

I can help you with a clearly defined road map, unique unto you, that will help release you from any restrictive tethers and renew your motivation to restore your worth to reach your specific goals.

You need not stress any longer. Regardless of any false beliefs you have subscribed to up until now, or been told outright or implied by others who may have influenced and contributed to your life being less befitting of what you deserve; you too can realize your dreams in any aspect of your life...including love, health, employment and financial freedom; or whatever else defines your personal happiness

I believe every woman deserves help regardless of an ability to pay. So I provide free webinars and instructional articles with valuable information to help you get started and to get to know me betterr. I also offer online courses in audio-video format with additional guided steps you can easily access from your home at your convenience to help you continue to move forward with an understanding of why you are where you are and how to begin to exit a life that is less than desirable.

All of the options include the very precious and effective, life liberating and empowering tools and techniques you need to free yourself from pain and shift into a life of pleasure.

I also provide facilitated group or one on one retreats or conscious living vacations in magical, supportive environments away from the hectic pace and distractions of everyday life.

And of course I also offer personal guidance by phone, Skype or video chat regardless of where you are located. You can choose one session or opt for a monthly program.

All of my services will help you discover and remove the blocks that keep you from your uniquely desired success; as well as root out the cause and kick out the culprits; responsible for sabotaging the life of your dreams! Regardless of which format you choose; you will be expertly guided to acknowledge, accept and align with the real you who has faith in self and the courage to move forward.

To get started schedule your free discovery consultation Schedule Appointment

False Beliefs and Limiting Thoughts False beliefs are seated in your subconscious and will create limiting negative thoughts that will steal away your most devoted intentions. This takes place regardless of what you outwardly say and think and is in direct conflict with all you outwardly desire.

Regardlsess of what you think consciously; the activity is the subconscious will always have the upper hand. You can discover and transform all of your subconscious false beliefs and get techniques to mindfully manage your everyday thoughts to align with your desired goals.

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable - Expressing Emotions
Your thoughts, conscious of them or not, instantly generate emotions which control whether you feel good or feel bad. What we get or do not get is directly related to how we feel about ourselves.

When we feel unworthy or undeserving it is no different than wearing a sign across our forehead that says one of the following; "Treat me good" or "treat me Badly".

To make matters worse; is when you are feeling bad and don't even fully realize it or acknoweldge the feeling; you are disempowered to change anything.

Most of us are conditioned to deny and hide our feelings; especially the uncomfortable ones; as to not displease another and risk any kind of loss.

This results in emotions getting stuck and eventually becoming toxic and fuels the fire of thinking negative thoughts which keeps us continually engaged in a viscious cycle detrimental to obtaining what we desire; including being successful in any area or aspect of our lives.

You can be free of this emotional toxicity by being compassionately guided to be authentic with your feelings by instantly acknowledging them and effectively releasing any dense feelings impeding your path to living a joyful life that reflects your valuable worth.

Trust and Love
In all phases of your life,but especially when unexpected experiences or encounters arise; is when the real you is most needed. If you feel badly about yourself; you wll also lack faith and trust. Undoing all the influences that led to a false belief of being undeserving or unworthy will restore the authentic you; who stems from genuniune self-love, and is trustworthy of their feelings and has faith in inner guidance. Get guidance on how to let go of the illusions that keep you from fully embracing the real you.

Stress, Struggle and Overwhelm
Receive a uniquely crafted plan combined with the effective tools to shift in any given moment from your fearful stress, struggle or overwhelm to being fully empowered to quickly and gracefully address whatever is occurring on any mental, emotional or physical level.

Confidence and Decisions
Learn how to trust your inner navigation system; so you can eliminate all those other demanding, obligatory voices in your head; who insist you must follow their advise or opinion. Get the help and the techniques to quiet those critics so you can immediately cut through any fearful confusion to confidently make the choice that is right for you.

Live in the Present, Be Free of the Painful Past and Forgiveness
The past is but a memory, the future is a dream yet unrealized, the now is the gift of life...that is why it is called the Present. Experience the process that guides you to see the past through the lens of a higher perspective so it does not continue to hold you prisoner where your present is troubled and your future is at risk. Allow your voice to be safely heard and understood so you can finally be free through forgiveness.

Effective Change - Successful Transformation
Receive the self empowering and impactful tools to effectively create positive change in any area of your life. Discover how to focus your mindset and feel correctly to manifest any desired outcome and secure successful relationships, career, business, money, health or lifestyle.

Free Webinars, Retreats and Personal Guidance Programs

Are you approaching or already standing at a crossroad ?
Are you feeling a little hopeless or confused about why things are the way they are?
Are you short on confidence or a bit fearful about what’s next?
Are you unsure of how to get you there successfully; even if you know where you want to be?
Are you ready to be free of the struggle and stress?
Are you ready to have faith, trust and full confidence in you?
Are you ready to make your dreams, goals and desires come true?
Are you thinking you are still too young for this to matter?
Are you thinking you are too old and it doesn't matter anymore?
If you answered yes to any of the above; you are in the right place at the right time.

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Women Have Worth and Transformation Life Coach Eloryia RA

Your life experiences have gained you wisdom with valuable worth. You can undo any unworthiness or undeserving issues that are causing you lack in any aspect of your life. You can shift your "adversities" into valuable transformational tools and use your wisdom to give your life meaning to live a passionate purpose; not just for you, but those you love and humanity as well!

You deserve to be safe, be loved, honored and respected .

I Can Help...You Deserve  30+ Years Experience Coupled With Powerful Skills, Tools and Techniques For Your Successuful Transformation

What's Next for you?

"It's not who you are that holds you back; its who you think you are not!"

You have incredible valuable worth. Are you living your's to the fullest?

No matter your age, just starting out on your life journey or standing at a crossroads after many years; we all want something wonderful in life. Creating the next phase of your life begins with being free to be the real you; the courageous, confident you; who knows her valuable worth and is her own authority to follow her heart making all her dreams, desires and goals come true!"

Peaceful Mind +

Discover What's Really Ailing You

Are you facing life changes, feeling lost or confused about which direction to focus on, concerned with finances, feeling unsupported, or are you simply needing a little clarity on one topic or some on going guidance to help you clear whatever it is standing in your way.

I fully understand; having been plague myself with doubt and confusion

You can discover and maintain peace of mind by having me pinpoint the real problem and providing effective solutions to eliminating the confusing and self doubting cause and culprit/s who are sabatouging your intentions.

You deserve genuine guidance and can get the help you need by one with first hand experience. One who understands a struggling existence and knows how to effectively mentor and coach you to successfully transform your life from lack to abundance.

You may be having difficulty with lack of time, money, understanding, support or other things. No matter what it is; i am mastered at clearly pinpointing the real problem and providing the solutions, so you too can discover how to get and keep the things you dream of.

If your life is still not reflective of your dreams, goals and desires; it is vitally important to root out the core cause and its unhealthy culprits; who continue to sabatouge and steal your dreams of acheiving and maintaining success in relationships, finances, careers or any other endeavor!

Get Clear on the Real Problem and Get Effective Successful Solutions.

Happy Heart +

Compassionate Understanding

Do you dare dream of being happy; only to find the enthusiam quickly wanes with feelings of hopelessness; either voiced aloud or in silent thoughts of "why bother, nothing ever works for me!"

Do you find youself feeling stuck in trapped painful emotions that limit your ability to even think about being happy. I can help you let go of the pain; allowing you to feel good again.

You can gain the awareness, acknowledgement and activation of long lasting true joy! You can be guilt and shame free to follow your heart and dare to be happy.

Get the compassionate help you need to pin point the culprit and the cause of your problems and get the solutions and guidance to let go of your struggle.

"Eloryia's unique talent is unsurpassed and there is no greater joy than seeing and feeling the vibrational healing that comes through her work. It is an honor and blessing to have received from her and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance, inspiration and healing." Pamela D.

Strong Vibrant Body =

Disclose and Disentangle Transformation

Do you long to be free; to disentangle from all the cross wiring that causes limiting thoughts and trapped pain that has been destroying your health.

Just like you I am no stranger to pain which severly affected everything in my life; including almost completely devouring my physical health. I have liberated myself from all those less than feel good emotions.

What we think and feel translates into disease or health in the body. Get the help you deserve to be free of the past painful imprints; empowering you to create the future you desire!

One on one personal guidance designed especially for you, free webinars, audio/video instructional guidance and empowering articles; all crafted to effectively move you out of less desirable thoughts, emotions and behaviors; to successfully reaching your preferred goals in relationships, finances, careers and other business ventures.

"I can't praise Eloriya Ra enough. I am happy I found just her, in my times of need." Ann P.

Life of Your Dreams


What you choose to focus on for or about yourself generates the vibrational frequency you put out to be made manifest in the world.

What this simply means; regardless of whether you realize it or not, is what you think about and how you feel about you is what you get.

Being free of all levels of pain; allows you to be fully integrated in mind, heart, body and soul. The whole, healthy, happy you who lives in the present moment and courageously expresses your precious energies, utilizing your dvine gifts, understands your life lesson and clearly knows your soul mission. This is what will change everything. You can finally leave the survival existence of your past behind to thrive in the life of your dreams!

Your life can change for the better forever when you tap into your true worth and unlock your valuable vibration. You can unleash your dreams by shifting from being invisable to having the confidence and courage to being seen and heard; as the real you; someone who has many valuable gifts and talents to contribute.

"Eloryia's guidance has changed my life in many ways. Her passion to serve and pass on the knowledge of healing and following ones own heart is amazing and I am so thankful for her mentoring. I highly recommend her! Angela P.

WHY eloryia ra - Simple -emowering- impacting- transforming

Get out of your rut, your conscious choice to transform with life liberating effective and successful change.

It has become apparent in my many years of living; as well as being a transformation life coach, that many of us can find ourselves in a R.U.T. (my acronym for Restrained Under Terror) and are unable to move forward.

Each of your R.U.Ts may appear to be different; attached to one experience or encounter or another. Your R.U.T. may be due to an unfulfilling relationship, the loss of a loved one, employment, and or the lack of financial abundance or simply not being clear about what direction to take next.

Nonetheless, regardless of whether you are facing a crossroads to the next phase or disappointed with the way life is right now; it is normal to feel fearful about  taking the next step. Sometimes we are afraid because of what we have already experienced; it may appear to you  no matter what you do nothing seems to change and you fear you will fail.

Or you are fearful of the next phase of life because it represents the unkwown changes. When we succumb to fear; we often feel frustrated and this often leads to despair where you can be assured nothing will ever change. FEAR is yet another acrynom; False Evidence Appearing Real.

When we are in fear we can eventually become restrained under terror and then paralyzed to take any step to make things different.

To a greater or lesser extent all of us question who we are, why we exist, why it there so much suffering in the world, including in our own lives. These questions come from our pain as well as our inquisitive nature. Not only do we want to know how things work, but why things even exist. and we also want to know how to change what is not working for us.

Even though we seek the answer of how to change what no longer works for us; we often end up in fear; restrained under terror;  rather than move forward into what we long for. We engage in unhealthy behavior that often involves complaining about what we believe we do not have and/or the frustration of not knowing how to be able to get rid of something we do not want. We attempt to try to figure it all out; while we hesitate in wait of some guarantee. When what is really going on is we are in fear and worst of all, we waste a tremendous amount of energy involved in thinking we are making efforts to change it all; without accomplishing any real long lasting results.

It matters not what your particular R.U.T is, other than to you of course, what truly matters is getting out of the R.U.T., being free of it's terrorizing hold it has on your life.

Being afraid is nothing to feel shame about. Fear can be a good thing when it is actually warning us in certain moments of real danger. Yet when we continually exist in fear; our precious dreams are always at risk of  being sabatoged.

I can help you be free of the terror of change; by  guiding you to face those fears and gracefully move through them with compassionate understanding with many years experience and effective process's that will safely guide you to be free from the paralyzing grip of fear; so you can realize all your dreams.

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Full Services
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How Can I Improve myself and my life?

Personalized transformation sessions can occur as a single hour session or can be crafted into a specialized monthly guidance series specifically for you. Either way it is where we sit down by phone, skype or other video chat to dial in the details of your life. Understanding each issue at hand and ironing out the wrinkles in your mental and emotional bodies is key. Once we've discovered the details, it's time to get things mapped out and organized to clear the old incorrect beliefs so you can adapt, integrate and restore your true authentic self.. .

The time has come to bring those beautiful images, ideas and plans to life. This is where we really begin to clear the underlying blocks to allow your dreams to manifest  into your everyday world. The time has come to start using these incredible tools to create a better life forever!

Working together with a personalized session allows you to receive the undivided attention you deserve for the details of your unique life experiences.

The sessions are offered as personal one on one facilitation with Eloryia by phone or Skype.

I offer a free consultation to help you determine if this is right for you! For your peace of mind and to get to know one another before you make any decisions;
Schedule Your Free Consultation

Schedule Free Consultation

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Free Gift to Help You Change Your Life in 15 Minutes

Life is full of reoccurring painful experiences and unexpected, unwelcome situations; that may cause us to lose our mental and emotional footing in any given moment; which can also extend to physically painful problems or diseases.

This free gift is lovingly offered to you; to help you in right now or in any given moment to instantly balance out and return to a happy, peaceful, loving state.

Download Free Gift

Free Webinars

Access the Full Free Webinar and receive an additional gift just for participating.

Women Have Worth
You deserve it all; abundance of love, wealth, health and respect, appreciation and being cherished the way you always hoped for.

The webinars outline how you can be rid of your paralyzing fear; that causes distressing mental, painful emotional, unhealthy physical and unfulfilling spiritual existence; plagued with lack and limitation.

You can discover how to claim and unleash your abilities to be a conscious purposeful co-creator; who manifests a lavishly joyful life; with long lasting results.

Attending a free webinar can open the door to your long sought after transformtaion. Attend the free webinars and get a free gift to boot; that is designed to give you some immediate assistance to finding peace of mind, a happy heart and a strong vibrant body.

Discover the cause and the culprits who sabotage the life of your dreams! And learn about the 5 step road map to restore your worth, embrace your value !

Access the Full Free Webinar
and receive an additional gift just for participating.

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Women Have Worth Mastery Series
This series is available to those who have participated in the Women Have Worth Free Webinar. Please attend the webinar for further details to be able to continue to the Mastery Series.

Access the Full Free Webinar and receive an additional valuable gift just for participating

Retreats and Vacations

Conscious Living Vacation
Get the Guidance you deserve in an empowering guidance in a magical, supportive, nurturing environment!
Let the Healing, Enlightenment, Enrichment, Empowerment and FUN Begin!

This is your opportunity to join in a group vacation - retreat with other women just like you; who are transforming thier lives, or you can opt for a private vacation retreat with hands on personal guidance with Eloryia as your coach.

Get The Details

Living Passionate Purpose for the Mature Woman

Are you asking, What now ? What's Next?

Fulfill Your Life Legacy
For Those You Love
To Uplift the World
But more it For You!

It's not over yet! Your Wisdom Has Worth!

"Every individual is authentic. Every person is an unrepeatable miracle"-Kevin Hall

Tap into your Co-Creator Role to begin the next stage of your life! Be the heroine in your next adventure by sharing your wisdom gained over a life of experience!You have special gifts and talents that can be used as a guiding light to help support younger women who need a mentor. Discover how!

Offered as a facilitated group or one on one retreat or personal guidance by phone, skype or other video chat format. Details coming soon.


Meet Your Transformation Passionate purpose Life Coach

I can help you with my 30+ years expertise; coupled with compassionate understanding and many effective tools for your successful outcome!

Eloryia Ra
Transformation Life Coach
Radio Host
Published Author
Retreat Facilitator
Workshop Leader
Emotional Release Therapist

I am an intuitive life coach with 30+ yrs experience guiding countless women and men around the world to transform their lives so they may live the life of their dreams.

Life continually changes regardless of our plans. Some of it is not within our control. but much of it is. So many women struggle with not fully undersstanding why they work so diligntly at making their life and all of it's aspect wonderful yet don't get the very things they desire. You are defnitely not alone in seeing your dreams and goals either never maniesting or vaporizng right before your eyes eves. This disturbing situation arises continuously in many women's lives.

Over the course of the years of mentoring countless women worldwide; i have found a consistent issue related to our self worth that is most definitely stealing our dreams and as a result I have crafted very unique and specialized facilitation to help you get in touch with this core issue and root it out once and for all so you can exit that mental, emotional and physical roller coaster.

Being one who also struggled with the dissaointment and confusion of my dreams dissapearing; I  will give you the compassionate help you need and deserve to pin point the culprit and the cause of your problems and will guide  you tthrough the solutions  with a variety of modalites, tools and techniques; so you can gracefully and finally let go of your struggle. You too deserve so much more than perhaps you have allowed yourself to have and I will stand by you  so you can Unlock and Unleash your Dreams to do and have what makes YOU happy.

I am dedicated to the mission of guiding you in creating the life you desire including prosperity in love, finances and health or anythiing else you deem desirable.

I will compassionately share my wisdom, (knowledge gained through experience); as I facilitate you to return to the greatest and truest love, the love of self. Where you are free to express your greatest and most joyful expression and be supportive for all others to do the same.

For many years I have been referred to as the "Angel Lady" as a result of my devotion to assisting each and every individual I encounter to realize, accept and enact their true and valuable worth.

In my many years of mentoring, I have found the biggest obstacle to staying focused on to create what you want, is directly related to the underlying core issue of the illusion of separation resulting in losing touch with your inherent worth and faith and trust in yourself. Not knowing your true value causes a crippling belief of being unworthy and results in a life that lacks all wonderful things. Most individuals, despite what they proclaim aloud, or how they physically appear, have yet to realize they are magnificent and their own true love and more than deserving of a thriving, lavish life.

I expertly and lovingly guide you to discover any and all false beliefs seated in the subconscious; that is really in control of the outcomes you get.

With my life liberating applications and modalities, I will gently and safely guide you on a magical journey to open your heart, mind and soul, forever leaving behind your fears that have kept you prisoner from moving forward with your joyful life intentions.

"Eloryia's work engenders a true sense of faith and trust while rendering an authentic, effective and successful change with those who engage her services. "  J. Fabian, Minister

You will be inspired, encouraged and supported in your development, as my goal is to help you become a whole, self-confident, self-trusting, heart centered individual who is clear on what you want and courageous in taking the necessary steps to accomplish all your dreams.

It matters not whether it is your personal or business life, with my guidance and coaching, you can overcome any visious cycles of existence or sudden crisis to manifest all of your dreams.

You will learn to live in a state of love rather than in conditioned fear. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that "being in Love" as opposed to "being in fear", will plant you firmly in the present moment where you will find the freedom to do what if right for you. You will know that absolutely anything you can dream of is possible to manifest into your everyday life.

My focus when working with you... is you! I am dedicated to helping you have the life you have always desired with my life altering coaching techniques as they specifically work for you.

You will learn to take the time necessary to focus on you without suffering guilt and shame.  The important part is that each and every modality is applied so it works for you the individual.

You will become aware of and learn how to use the tools that work best for your liberation; to transform the negative of who you are into the positive of who you wish to be.

You no longer have to live how many are currently choosing; in crisis and panic expecting the other shoe to drop at any moment. You do not have to participate in the belief that you will lose everything by choosing to take care of you.

The help you need is available right here and now.

My coaching is a positive, creative approach and is designed to coach you to turn life's "adversities" into valuable transformational tools. In addition to this, it's about assisting you to tune into your own inner guidance so you may begin to find the answers you seek, thru your inner authority and in so doing, fulfill your life purpose and manifest your dreams.

The benefits are many:
A  vibrant strong physical body
A peaceful mind
An open loving heart

You will learn how to live in the moment and to make choices large and small by listening to your own inner authority of your heart. You will clear all mental and emotional blocks that keep you from moving forward with full faith and trust in self.

I will personally guide you to your wholeness . You will be guided to:being fully conscious of "HOW TO" stay in the present moment, the "NOW" by releasing the past through higher understanding, and learning specific techniques of how not to project any thought or image into the future other than what you truly desire to manifest.

You will learn methods to acknowledge, forgive and release suppressed emotions, and deep core issues, embedded within your molecular structure, which keep you from being the divine magnificence you are! i.e. Doing what is best for you, rather than what you perceive you are obligated to do for another/s

You will gain your personal freedom to be yourself through resolve and closure of old abuse and/or trauma behavior.

You can have the Freedom to be your authentic self, realizing all your heart's desires and life's complete intent. 

For your peace of mind and to get more acquainted I offer a 15 minute free consultation to discover if this is right for you.

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